SuperNoogie Tracker was a project I began in the summer of 2000. My dad had bought a new computer, but it had some lame onboard soundcard and I couldn't run FastTracker 2. I downloaded some windows trackers (OctaMed, ModPlug) but, although more powerful that FT2, they had really flimsy windows interfaces and I couldn't get into them. Also around this time I started learning some DirectX programming. After I had learnt the basics of DirectDraw and DirectSound it dawned on me that I could right my own tracker - One which had a good ol' DOS style fullscreen chunky interface. And so SNT was born. It was a slightly over-ambitious project, as I had never done any sound programming before - I am having to learn as I go - so don't expect too much too soon!


Currently SNT is in the middle of a big rewrite. This was necessary for two reasons: I had designed at the keyboard and the code was getting seriously messy, and the target platform is now linux rather than win32. I have only had time to work on it on and off over these past two years due to university.

What has been done

What needs to be done for a first release

And then...


This is the screen shot from my final win32 version (before the porting/rewriting begun), playing back the intro song from pinball illusions (I think - it's one of Digital Illusions's pinball games at least). Click it to make it bigger.


Alex Sisson - alexs@cyberspace.org

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